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Welcome to the CDO Career Network

The Aspen Leadership Group is committed to supporting successful careers in philanthropy. While others are interested only in where you've been and what you've done, we are interested in where you're going, in helping you get there, in improving your networks of support, in helping you find mentors, and in supporting you and your organization once you have found an excellent fit.

This Network has been formed to:

  • facilitate information sharing, problem solving, and learning among chief development/advancement officers (CDOs), not only in relevant peer positions and institutions, but also across diverse institutions;
  • assist in managing a career as CDO: preparing for the role, succeeding in the role, and navigating transitions;
  • provide a compendium of resources, such as articles, books, referrals to professional development opportunities, service providers recommended by other CDOs, and other content developed by leading CDOs for CDOs.

The CDO Career Network chairs, Trish Jackson, Chief of Staff, Advancement Division, Dartmouth College, and former VP for Advancement, Smith College, and Curt Simic, President Emeritus of the Indiana University Foundation, encourage all CDOs, aspiring CDOs, and all those with a strong vested interest in this role, to sign up above for the Network. They and many other leading CDOs on the CDO Career Network Leadership Council, as well as CEOs, CFOs, board members, and other social profit leaders, will be designing and adding resources and networking capabilities over the coming weeks and months, creating what they hope will be a comprehensive, robust, valued, and trusted resource for CDOs for many years to come.

After signing up, you will receive an email confirming the fact that you have signed up, and then a subsequent email when the Network is ready for you to log in.